I insert LOT and LOF (lists of tables and figures, respectively) as separate 
generated .fm files immediately following the TOC, as part of the front matter 
of the book. If it's an independent generated .fm file, you can either continue 
the pagination from the previous file in the book or use a completely different 
numbering format to distinguish  the lists from the rest of the book pagination.

You can format the TitreTableauLOT and LegendeLOF paragraph tags in the 
reference pages the same way that you would any paragraph format. To get the 
text on the LOT/LOF to show the Tableau #-n  or Legende #-n, you could type 
something similar to the following in the reference page:
<$paratext>        <$chapnum>-<$pagenum>

Use tabs to get the desired indentation and alignment/spacing of the page 
number, just as you would on the reference page of the TOC. If you use the 
TitreTableauLOT paragraph tag on the aforementioned line of text on the 
reference page, <$paratext> will display the autonumber plus text contents of 
the TitreTableau paragraph tag, and <$chapnum>-<$pagenum> will display the 
chapter by folio page number. 

Hint: if you have problems getting the LOT/LOF to display as you have formatted 
on the reference page, check the reference pages in the file to be sure that 
you have only one instance of formatting for each paragraph tag you will be 
displaying in the LOT/LOF.


Rene L. Stephenson

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When I generate the lists of Tables and Figures, how I am supposed to format 
the generated TitreTableauLOT and LegendeLOF paragraph tags in the reference 
pages so that they follow the right numbering?

Also, do you group your lists of tables and figures together with the Table of 
Contents? If yes, how do you proceed to have them automatically updated at the 
next book generation?

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