I'm having a problem when embedding Excel tables into FM8. In looking at the 
archives, a similar post was made on this on May 27, without a solution.  

I do a File -> Import -> Object -> MS Office Excel Worksheet (with the Create 
New box checked) to embed a spreadsheet.  On screen, the spreadsheet looks 
fine.  When I print the file (even with a blank spreadsheet), the worksheet 
prints as a solid black box.  Also, if I convert to PDF, the embedded 
spreadsheet turns into a solid black box in the PDF file.

I expanded the anchor frame that holds the embedded spreadsheet and shaded it. 
This confirmed that only  the spreadsheet is colored black.

I can successfully embedded a Word, PPT,  and Visio file without this problem.  

I tried this with Frame 6 and get the same problem only with Excel tables. 

I poked around in Excel and don't see anything in the menus that would cause 
this.  I can shade cells in Excel, and on screen, the FM file reflects the 
shaded cells.  But when I print, the whole spreadsheet is solid black.

I'm running FM8 version 8.0p277 with Windows XP SP2 and Office 2007.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


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