BlueSky turned into eHelp and developed RoboHelp for FrameMaker, an 
intuitive GUI oriented converter to generate RoboHelp from original 
FrameMaker files.  Then MacroMedia bought eHelp to get their hands on 
Captivate, preserved RoboHelp (sort of) and dumped RoboHelp for 
FrameMaker.  Then Adobe bought Macromedia and resurrected RoboHelp 
(sort of) and strapped a bunch of incompatible and barely integrated 
apps together into Adobe Technical Communications Suite.

So who finished up with the RoboHelp for FrameMaker source code and 
why wasn't it resurrected for Adobe Technical Communications 
Suite?  RoboHelp for FrameMaker was far better than the FM binary --> 
MIF --> RoboHelp --> CHM, etc. as it allowed round tripping in a 
fashion, i.e. if you saw something wrong in the help, you could 
quickly fix it in FM and regenerate the help.

Did the Madcap people take the code for RoboHelp for FrameMaker with 
them?  Did Adobe accidentally throw the master CD into the dump 
bin?  Who knows, who can speculate baselessly, who can start a 
paranoid hare running?

Next week:  Where is the location of Atlantis?


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