I have a license personally, but the company never bought one. I'llpitch it to 
them again, as a MUST HAVE in the current environment.(wish me luck)

I do create help files with WebWorks, but I'venever been able to get them to 
upgrade to ePublisher. We're stuck withWWP Pro 8.x.

I'll pop over to the AutoImager site and check thatout. I know there is a small 
budget for software remaining, and if Ican fit FS and AutoImager into it, that 
looks like money very wellspent.

As for the current graphics, we have a tree structure like this:
            FMfiles (contains multiple .book and .fm files for various flavors 
of product1 docs)
            FMfiles (contains multiple .book and .fm files for various flavors 
of product2 docs)
    ...[all other product folders in similar hierarchy]...
            SysMaintFMfiles (these .fm files have imported graphics files from 
all over the other product folders)

GraphicsRepository (95% of the AI/CDR/VSD/DXF/DWG source files are here)
           [unrestrained folder depth with no readily identifiable theme for 
           [unrestrained folder depth with no readily identifiable theme for 
           [unrestrained folder depth with no readily identifiable theme for 

I think maybe the repository issues are beyond the scope of FS to deal with...? 

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Hi Rene,

Do you have a license for FrameScript at your company, by any chance?  
FrameScript is a
high level scripting language available from Finite Matters Limited
(http://www.framescript.com) that makes it possible to extend the  
capabilities of Adobe
FrameMaker. If you would like to try out FrameScript, you can download  
a trial version
from the FML web site.

I have a freely available script on my personal web site  
(http://www.golehtek.com) called
BookMover that organizes the imported graphics in a FrameMaker book  
under a graphics
directory, further organized by chapter.

Using FrameScript, it would be fairly simple to generate reports about  
the imported
graphics in your documents, and develop an interface for tracking and  
managing the
graphics. If you can provide me with more information about what you  
are trying to
achieve, I can give you an estimate about the amount of work involved.

Regarding generating graphics from the original source files, this may  
also be possible.
I have achieved really nice results using AutoImager. AutoImager is an  
graphics conversion program that can produce vector and raster  
graphics from more than
120 common graphic formats. You can control AutoImager from within  
FrameScript, making it
possible to build an end-to-end solution for graphics conversion and  
management. More
information about AutoImager is available from  

I use AutoImager in conjunction with WebWorks ePublisher Pro so users  
can enlarge or
reduce the graphics in my on-line help systems without leaving the  
current topic. This
also solves the problems that occur when an anchored frame contains  
more than one
graphic, or a combination of graphics and annotations.

I hope this gives you some ideas to ponder.

Feel free to contact me any time with any additional questions.

Best regards,


Martin R. Smith
President: GolehTek, LLC
martin.smith at golehtek.com

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