Susan Herrin wrote:

> I have a chapter that is so large that it is causing FrameMaker to crash
> whenever I do an update.
> I've spit the chapter into two files, and so at least frame isn't crashing
> at the moment....
> But I'm having problems with pagination and empty pages being inserted at
> the point where the chapter jumps from one file to the next. Anyone have
> expertise to share about this problem?

You will *always* get a page break where a document spans two files. The
only way around that would be to combine the two source files into a single
book component using a text inset for the second part (or inserting both 
parts btext inset into an otherwise empty container file).

If you're getting a blank page at the file break, you need to check the 
pagination properties of both files. The file for the first part needs to be
set to "Delete empty pages", and the file for the second part needs to
be set to "Next Available". Note that this last setting *must* be made
from the book file. If you go to the pagination properties in the file itself,
you will not find "Next available" as an option because it does not make
any sense for an individual document; it only makes sense in the context
of a multi-file book.

-Fred Ridder
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