Hi Will...

I actually at times found this "feature" to be useful .. rather than 
closing and reopening a dialog, I'd just roll it up (drag the bottom up 
so all that's left is the titlebar), then roll it back down when needed. 
if only there was a little button on the titlebar that would do that.  ??

I've seen more and more people wanting the "dialogs home" command that 
you describe .. and I've run into the same situation at times when 
giving a demo after resizing down to a lower resolution for the 
projector, only to find that the structure view window is off screen .. 
annoying. If no one else does it sooner, I'm planning to make a simple 
plugin that brings all of the dialogs back to a visible location .. stay 


Scott Prentice
Leximation, Inc.

William White wrote:
> What's the point in being grumpy if I don't let things annoy me??
> Actually, I'm just surprised that an aesthetic bug like this has survived
> through multiple FM releases. 
> So, I guess I'll just stop resizing.
> But here is something that I do think would be helpful - a keystroke
> sequence that would force all open dialogs to the center of the principal
> monitor - or, alternatively, closing and opening a dialog from the menu
> while holding down some key would force the dialog to the center when it
> reopens.
> I recently had a situation where I had been working on a dual monitor setup
> and had inadvertently left a dialog parked on my secondary monitor. Then I
> closed out of FM. When I relaunched FM, the secondary monitor was not
> available for some reason, meaning that the open dialog was out of view. I
> finally had to attach a secondary monitor to find the errant dialog.  
> User error, to be sure, but still an unnecessary hassle.
> Will White 
> ViaLogy LLC
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