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>Concise problem statement:
>Opening edited (translated) MIF files in FrameMaker 8 causes some 
>of the extended characters disappear. Text containing extended 
>characters for different languages are missing characters in 
>FrameMaker, although all characters are present in the MIF file. 
>The missing characters follow no particular pattern, most of the 
>time all characters are there.

We can confirm this bug in Frame 8.0p273.  In your test case, the 
last UTF-8 character was dropped; the others were kept.

We investigated a bit further and may have a workaround for you.
We noticed the string content was fairly long, at 214 bytes
(counting the five UTF-8 instances as two bytes each).  While
that doesn't exceed the 254-byte limit, we thought it would be
worth examining.  When we cut the string into three ParaLines as
Frame would, where the first two were about 100 bytes each, all
characters remained.

We understand that a TM tool is generating the MIF.  Is there a 
way to limit the maximum line length it allows in a single <String>
to, say, 128?  The length doesn't really matter to Frame, since
the line breaks are reset anyway upon loading the MIF.

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