Jerilynne Knight asked:
> I've got a manual with multiple sections and the section divider page is in> 
> a separate file and the section title is stored as a variable. To make each> 
> type of information more readily separated from the "crowd', each topic is> 
> in a separate file. So, is there an automated way to insert the name of the> 
> section in the subfiles without using the variable or a cross reference?
The approach I'd take is to use the $volnum system variable to define the
section title. That way, in the book file you'd define the variable's value
(as a text string) in the numbering properties for the section divider files,
and set each other file's numbering properties to "Same As Previous".
Neat, clean, and easily explained in a simple book setup procedure for
other users.

Fred Ridder 
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