In responding to Dierdre, Clint Owens wrote:
> The file icons in the book window are different for auto-generated
> files. If the doc icons are all the same, then none of them are
> generated.

Just to amplify a bit on one point:
The file itself will be no different if it was generated from the book or
compiled by hand, with the possible exception that a hand-compiled 
TOC might not have hyperlinked entries. All the "magic" of a generated
file is in how it is included in the book, either as a static content file 
(regular file icon in the book window) or as a generated file (special 
icon), that FrameMaker knows it has to generate or update whenever 
you do an Update Book operation. 

One possible clue is the filename, since the default filenames for 
generated files are of the form <bookname> But since the
user can override the default suffix, the filename alone is not 
definitive evidence.

-Fred Ridder

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