SUMMARY: I am looking for an effective document comparison tool for
FrameMaker that will detect changes between two files, where I will
apply change bars to indicate the changes.

I am working with a client who creates a version A and has it translated
into several languages. Then the client internally publishes Version B,
Version C and eventually Version D in English only for internal use.
Each subsequent version has change bars only showing changes from the
previous version. 

I need to take the source English Version "D" and make it show change
bars for *all* differences back to Version "A". I have Version "A" and
Version "D" for Doc Compare. As most of you know, the Doc Compare
utility in FrameMaker (this is version 6.0) is not very strong in
tables. There is a sort of fuzzy logic where in an entire table will
show that all of its contents have changed if more than 2/3 of the table
cells have changes in them. (I know about the work around to save tables
to paragraphs in individual files and then compare that; am looking for
something less painful

Has anyone found an effective tool outside of FrameMaker for comparing
documents and marking all text (including table contents) that has
changed, and thus should be showing change bars.

Please "cc" my name on your response. I have the "daily digest" option
on the FrameUsers list, and have been unable to get into for the past two weeks as there is a message "Site
off-line: is cucrently under maintenance. We should be
back online Monday. Thank you for your patience."

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