Hello Fellow Frame-Maniacs,

Does anyone have any experiences updating pre-7.2 FM templates?

We have templates that were created in Frame 6.0 and updated in 7.1. I?ve been 
told that these templates will not be completely compatible with FM 8.0; issues 
with generated lists, Master Pages, and variables/building blocks. Supposedly, 
Adobe made changes to FM beginning with FM 7.2 that affect these areas. Can 
someone direct me to documentation that explains what changes have been made? 
Do I have to descend into the depths of Adobe to find some info?     ? 8^@ 

Darren J. Butler

Senior Publications Specialist

Northrop-Grumman Corp

Darren.butler.ctr at robins.af.mil; Darren.butler at ngc.com

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