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> Subject: RE: Esc m p
> A known bug (feature?) in FrameMaker is that if you use the Esc-m-p
> Shrinkwrap command, it changes the anchor of the graphic from whatever
> it was to At Insertion Point.
[Kelly] But that's not a bug, it's a feature...really. It's coded and
> A smart Frame user wrote a small FDK plugin that preserves the
> for an anchored frame when shrink wrapping. I received permission from
> the developer to post the utility. It's at:
> http://www.martinek.us/shrinkwrap.html
[Kelly] Downloaded, installed in FM8, and using it! Thank you, thank
> -Carla
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> Subject: Esc m p
> I have a large quantity of anchored frames that are configured every
> different which-way. I am using Esc m p to shrinkwrap the frames, but
> this defaults to At Insertion Point. I then must select the dropdown
> config the frame to Below Current Line/Center/no cropping/no floating.
> This is a lot of keyboard-to-mouse-to-keyboard work.
> Question: Is there a shrinkwrap keyboard shortcut that places the
> Below Current Line. If so, what?
> If not, can I mod the maker.ini to change the default for Esc m p? If
> so, how?
> Thanks...Kelly.
> "Short words are better. Old words, when short, are best." Churchill
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