One additional point: If you can't seem to move the dialog or window
into a viewable area using the arrow keys, you can follow Stuart's
instructions except when it comes to using the arrow keys, you can press
the Up arrow key ONCE (any arrow key will probably work) and then move
your mouse around (don't click!).  

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Rick Quatro wrote:
> Hi Framers,
> I have the case of the missing dialog box. What is the Windows
> shortcut for moving a dialog box or window with the arrow keys? Thank
> very much.

If your dialog box is off-monitor, make it the active window by choosing

its command from the menu (or by typing the keyboard shortcut), then 
type Alt+spacebar to activate the title bar menu, and type M for Move. 
(Important! Do not move your mouse!)  Experiment with holding down 
different arrow keys until the dialog box comes back into view.

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I'll stop saying Microsoft is arrogant when
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