Here's what I would do:

1) Back up a copy of both the original and the recovered versions to
someplace safe.
2) Open the recovered version in FrameMaker.
3) Open the original version in FrameMaker (might have to force it).
4) Compare the differences between the two versions using FrameMaker's
compare feature. (File-> Utilities-> Compare Documents)  Select the
"Summary and Composite Documents" option when doing so.
5) See which version has the most up-to-date information. Save that
version over the original version.

Note: I just sort of developed this method by intuition. I'd be glad to
hear if anyone does something different/there are problems with my
method/easier ways to determine whether or not to go with a recovery
version of a .fm file.

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Hello Framers

I am building a Book and got the Book Error Report saying Couldn't open
file because a more recent autosaved or recovered version exists.

There is a recovered version in the folder.

What is the safe thing to do??

Les Winberg


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