> Microsoft word has the capability to print out the characteristics of
> Styles contained within the document.  How would one do the same for
> Paragraph Designs in Frame?

Format List, part of the Systec Toolbox, does a very nice job. It creates a 
table of all the styles and nearly all their characteristics. You can find 
it here:


Paragraph Tools from http://www.siliconprairiesoftware.com/Products.html can 
also produce a list. This tool is less expensive, and _well_ worth having 
for its many other features, but its list of formats is simply that-- a 
list. It produces a list, for each style, of all characteristics. It's very 
useful if you're looking at a particular style, but I like the Systec Format 
List plugin a lot more for this task. It puts all the styles in a nice 
table. So you can quickly scan a table column to spot that one style that's 
still set up to use Times Roman, when you've set the others to Bookman or 
something else.

Mike Wickham

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