On 16 Mar 2008, at 12:23, Orly Zimmerman wrote:

> Is there any way to control the size of the text in the comments box
> when commenting on Comment enabled PDFs?

Preferences > Commenting > Font Size works for me, but only for Notes.

> A colleague would like to add names to a floor plan created in Autocad
> and saved as PDF and write in the names of each person in the cubicle
> using the PDF commenting feature. But our current text is too large  
> for
> full names. I tried using the Edit>Preferences>Commenting>Viewing
> Comments. There is a possibilty there to change the font size, but it
> doesn't seem to work for us.

Here's a workaround. Use the Text Field Tool to draw form fields on  
your cubicles. You can choose a font and choose from a selection of  
font sizes, or use the Auto Font Size setting, which automatically  
sets the font size so that the text fits the field.

Have fun!


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