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 > I have some unstructured manuals and if there is a blank page at the end
 > of a chapter (because we want all the chapters to begin on a right-hand
 > page), we put "This page left blank for printing purposes." Right now I'm
 > manually deciding when the text should appear (meaning I have to look for
 > a blank page and put the right paragraph on it). Is there any way of
 > automating this so that FrameMaker detects when the last page of a file
 > has no content (other than a header and footer) and either uses a
 > different master page or a particular paragraph type?
 > I'm using FrameMaker 7.2 on Windows XP.

You may try using FrameMaker's Apply Master Pages function (7.0 or later) 
for this purpose, as follows:
- create a new master page, named LeftRegular (or similarly), that will 
control the layout of the standard Left pages
-- modify your standard Left master page so that it become the special 
blank page ("intentionally left blank" or so)
-- in the mapping table controlling the assignment of master pages based on 
element names or paragraph tags, specify that "Body" paragraphs (and/or any 
other elements which is encountered on regular body pages) on left-hand 
pages assign the LeftRegular master page

As you use the Apply Master Pages function (which may be document- or 
book-wide), the reserved "Left" master page -- not applied by any other 
paragraph -- will then be the "blank" page.

When switching to the Apply Master Pages approach to control application of 
custom master pages, all assignments should be controlled through the 
mapping table (as manually assigned master pages are reset); test the 
master page assignments you need in a complex document, including 
multi-page tables (if this applies to your documents).

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