On Tue, 18 Mar 2008, Harold Winberg wrote:

> Hello Framers
> I have an IX gen question.
> When I am using the Editable Marker List, can I do anything to make the
> Source Document column show me more of the source doc name? I can't see
> enough of it to know what it is without opening it.

Sure - go to the editable marker list template file (edtblist.fm, 
located in the "ixgen\templates" folder of your IXgen installation, 
which is in your FrameMaker installation folder).

You can change fonts, doc size, orientation, and other _format_ 
attributes. Just don't change the number of columns in the table or 
make other _structural_ changes.

By making the change in the template doc, this will be come the new 
standard for future editable marker lists.

If it's just a temporary change you want for the current editable 
marker list you have open, make the changes to that doc.

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