What if you use the "Open all files in book silently" script and then 
shift-alt-F, S?

Rene L. Stephenson

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Subject: Re: Upgrade to Frame 8? (Fred Skillman)

>Upgrade to Frame 8? (Fred Skillman)

Fred, patch 273 took account of our open issues. We are not having 
any problems at all subsequent to the successful installation of that 
patch. All systems are go with Frame 8.0p273 on a WindowsXP system 
with Service Pack 2. Dive in at the middle and swim both ways.

By the way, does anyone on this list know of a way to suppress the 
gray alert dialog box that warns us that we are converting a FM7 file 
into a FM8 file? Clicking past that gray dialog box a thousand times 
a day does get a tad annoying (since our decision is always to accept 
this conversion)! 


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