Two questions regarding the Adobe TW suite, which I'm evaluating. 

I played around with Adobe Captivate to create a small flash file 
desribing screen motions in my application. 
I wanted to add a "Show Me" link in my Frame doc.  But, the only way I 
found to do that was to 
include the movie in a graphic frame, which isn't what I want. 
Is there a way to just launch the video, and not include an entire movie 
in a graphics frame, which is odd 
in a printed PDF?

Also, having never used RoboHelp before, I'm willing to go through the 
learning curve to create the 
Help files, but have been unable to locate info for my developers to learn 
how to launch the Help files.
Pointers, books, explanations appreciated.

And yes, I've tried searching MS and Adobe sites.



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