Hi all-

I'm looking for the most efficient way to create and maintain FM-sourced
field help for one of our applications.

Here's what "they" want: A list of field names and their definitions
that will be accessible from the application so that if a user presses
F1 from a particular field, the page from the single HTML file that
contains the field definition will be displayed.

What "they" don't get: It's all one page, and I really don't believe
it's too much to ask that only the field definition for the field in
question be displayed.

What I've proposed as a compromise: An "appendix" that contains just the
field names and their definitions, which will be output to HTML. I know
that using MIF2Go I can create a separate HTML file for each field.

The question is, is this the best way to go, or should I try to use
structured Frame for a more elegant solution? And if structured is the
way to go, what's involved?

Thanks for your help!

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