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Actually, to clarify for those who may not know, with Flare you get 
both online
and print in one package. With Frame, you get print or PDF. With the addition
of ePub (another $1200, last I looked), you get online. You also get very
responsive tech support, should you want it.

If you have concerns about or would like to provide input into our pricing
strategy or our product strategy, I encourage you to contact me at my madcap
email: sburton at madcapsoftware.com

Sharon Burton
Product Manager
MadCap Software

Quoting "Flato, Gillian" <gflato at nanometrics.com>:

> I just looked at pricing. Flare is $899. FrameMaker is $899. With Frame
> I get DITA and a program that works with my ePub Help software, with
> Flare I get less.
> Not only does MadCap's product strategy make no sense, their pricing
> strategy also makes no sense.
> Since we are the potential audience for Flare, MadCap should talk to us
> before they develop their next product and decide on pricing structure.
> -Gillian
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> Truthfully, I'd use Oxygen rather than Blaze for an XHTML editor. Or
> I'd use a couple of other apps, which even when taken as a group are
> less expensive than would be Blaze. And have a learning curve that
> isn't as steep. The requirement to design isn't one that I would give
> to all authors, though the input of data I would, and that can be
> done with text editors, much as is done with Arbortext apps.
> Scott

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