My name is Martin R. Smith and I run a consulting company that  
specializes in custom application development for FrameMaker and  
WebWorks ePublisher Pro.

We are bringing an application called GlossBase to market that enables  
authors to automatically generate glossaries for Adobe FrameMaker  
books and on-line help systems produced using WebWorks ePublisher Pro.

GlossBase allows you to create and define glossary terms that contain  
any number of paragraphs, tables, graphics, and equations using a  
structured FrameMaker document. GlossBase encodes glossary terms and  
definitions in XML and uploads them to a database.

When you want to generate a glossary for a book, GlossBase compares  
every word in your FrameMaker source files against the database and  
automatically generates a glossary of relevant terms. GlossBase can  
also add the markers and apply the character formatting necessary for  
WebWorks generated help systems to automatically display glossary  
definitions in a secondary window.

If you are interested in being among the first to try out GlossBase,  
send me an email off list.

You will need FrameMaker 7.x or above and FrameScript version 4.1 or  
above to run this initial version of GlossBase.

Best regards,


Martin R. Smith
GolehTek, LLC

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