Hi Z,

I would say this is more of a limitation than a bug. While the text repeats 
in each header row, the marker and its hyperlink behavior only occur in the 
header rows on the first page (or column) of the table. The only workaround 
would be to put a text frame with a hypertext link on top of each repeated 
header row on the subsequent pages. This would only be practical with 
FrameScript or an API client. If you really need this functionality and are 
open for a FrameScript solution, send me a small sample offlist and I will 
give you a quote. Thanks.

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing

> Hi, all.
> I am seeing a bug, or certainly a limitation that is very irritating!
> Can someone tell me if my assumptions/observations are incorrect here,
> please!
> This is with FrameMaker 8.0 with the p273 (latest) patches.
> 1.  In one of my documents, I have a table with many rows that stretches
> across multiple pages.
> 2.  The top header row is set to "repeat" (i.e., show) at the top of the
> table on all subsequent page, so the columns all have a "row header" on
> all subsequent pages.
> 3.  As an aside, I also use the automatic feature to add the
> "(Continued)" at the end of the table title (which is also repeated at
> the top, of course).
> 4.  The very first page header row has hypertext on the individual words
> in each column (that do a "gotolink ..." to the explanation and
> definition of the word). Clearly, I cannot add this hypertext on the
> subsequent table pages, since "header row" on the subsequent pages is
> not selectable in any way.
> Now, here is the sumptom I am observing:
> 1.  After I output the book as a PDF, the hypertext on the first page
> header row of the table in the PDF output works perfectly!
> 2.  It shows up as a clickable "link" (the mouse pointer changes from an
> arrow to a finger) and clicking on the word indeed takes me to the other
> part of the document.
> 3.  But, in the header rows on subsequent pages in the PDF, that same
> word is (a) not clickable - the mouse pointer does not change - and (b)
> clicking it has no effect, obviously!
> To me, this is a bug!
> But, I want to ask if I am doing something incorrect here!
> Or, is there a workaround to this problem?
> Z

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