OK... weird things are happening.

I've got some Spanish content where I changed the font family to Arial Unicode 
(from plain old Arial).  Accented characters suddenly developed massive spacing 
around them  - for example: 

     "s   ?   lo"  instead of 

I need to specify a Unicode font set for our FM8 docs going forward... Our 
current template specifies Arial and Times New Roman.  I'm not married to 
either of them, but I NEED Unicode fonts to work in the files I have going 
forward for some of my docs that have multiple languages in them.  There's 28 
other languages in this same doc (a safety sheet), and I was *so* excited that 
I'd be able to do them all in one Frame file instead of having to use CorelDraw.

Any suggestions?  Settings to change in FM8?  Replacement Unicode fonts to use?

And of COURSE we're on a deadline...


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