The next meeting of the Israeli FrameMaker user group will take place in 
Tuesday, April 29, starting 7 pm
(Thanks to NICE Systems for hosting this meeting and to Eliezer Reinhold 
for arranging it!)


* Interactive, High-Quality PDF-Based Document Collection Case Study:
Southern Nevada Water Authority Facility Operation Manuals
        -- Baruch Brodersen, Technitext Documentation

Six year project, 85 facilities with manuals ranging in size from
150-5,000 pages. Print and online versions produced.
Topics discussed: content development planning, project planning,
document creation workflow (Word > FrameMaker > PDF),
usability design, single source template: technique and design,
workflow automation, showcase interactive features.


* Structured FrameMaker: A Brief Overview
        -- Shlomo Perets, MicroType

* Attribute-Based Filtering in Structured FrameMaker
        -- Andy Lewis, Radvision

Attribute-based filtering represents an alternative to conditional
tagging in a Structured FrameMaker environment. This presentation
will offer a brief review of the tools available, and introduce
basic methods for successful implementation of filtering "schemes".

Admission is free; registration required.

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