I can only think of one thing and that is that our localisation cost would drop 
if we only had one big file instead of several. This is because the tool our 
localisation company uses for analysing 100% matches cannot handle book files, 
only individual files. That means that if the file name changes or text is 
moved from one file to another (which happens quite a lot with our files 
unfortunately), the tool can no longer identify the text as previously 
translated and therefore the translator has to review the text again and charge 
for it. The cost for reviewing the 100% matches can be very high.

But I guess it is a better idea to stop changing file names and moving around 
text than merging all FM files into one. ;-)


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> Just a quick question- can anyone tell me why putting your entire 300+
> page manual into one FM file would make sense? I was always taught that
> splitting it out one file per chapter was the safest and best way to go,
> but I've just seen an example of the one large file approach. Does
> anyone else do this? Just curious.
> Neil

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