Art Campbell wrote:

> Also, look for hidden objects on the body (and the master) page that
> may be accurately triggering this. For instance, if there's a frame
> hidden in a layer under your main text frame, you wouldn't normally
> see it. Or if a background frame got dragged out of place by mistake
> and hidden.

My memory is hazy (one of the symptoms of advanced age), but I recall
having William's problem back in another century. The cause, IIRC, was
that some of my body pages had two text frames on top of each other. The
underneath one came from the master page; the one on top contained the
main text flow, and I don't know where it came from. :-} 

To fix it, I think I (1) saved a backup copy of the file, (2) deleted
the entire text flow (reducing the file to two pages), (3) deleted the
text frames that weren't coming from the master pages (and maybe
reapplied the master pages), and then (4) pasted in the main text flow
from the backup copy.

Sorry I can't provide more detail. I don't recall if I ever figured out
how it happened, but the problem seems to be a relatively rare one, if
that's any consolation. :-)


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