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>A posting some weeks ago mentioned a utility that could extract graphics
>copied into FM files and restore them in their original format. I should
>have been paying more attention at the time, but can someone remind me what
>that utility is called? (I'm hoping it can do a better job than Acrobat.)

Yes.  Mif2Go can do that for you, and it works fine with the demo
version; you don't have to buy it:

The process is described in the User's Guide, par. 29.2.3, "Exporting 
and converting embedded graphics".  It works best if the image is alone
in its anchored frame; then you get the original format at full original
resolution back.  You do *not* get the original name, because Frame does
not store it; yet another reason never to embed graphics.

Worst case, Mif2Go exports the graphic at screen resolution, in the
format you select (usually GIF or JPEG), using Frame's native graphic
export filters.  In that case, callouts, montages, etc., are retained,
but the resolution is generally much worse than the original was.

>BTW: does anyone know of a similar utility that can pull graphics out of MS
>Word documents?

Actually, you can do that with another utility included with Mif2Go,
exwmf.exe.  Save the Word file as RTF, and run the utility from the
command line, as described in par. 29.6.2, "Using the Mif2Go exwmf 
utility".  Word *does* retain the names of the graphics it embeds,
so you will get back WMFs containing Word's internal representation
of each image named "originalname.wmf".


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