Although it would certainly be nice if our hosts would make it easier
with the tools Art mentions, a regular Google site search seems to work

This syntax generated 291 hits (though not our most recent discussion):

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Archive searching is an add-on "option" in Mailman.

The code doesn't include a built-in search tool, but the open source
community has provided several patches that create several flavors of
tools -- if they're installed. Other lists use a free Google Group as an
archive, and there are a number of free (and pay) public sites that also
archive lists. The owners of have elected not to use
these options....


On Mon, May 5, 2008 at 3:31 AM, Reng, Dr. Winfried <wreng at>
> Hi,
>  But did you ever search anything in this archive?
>  There is a separate file per month. You cannot  search the whole 
> archive in one go. In my oppinion  not usable.

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