Hi everyone.

I have dozens of graphics ENBEDDED in my FrameMaker documents at various dpi
settings. All print well of course.

I convert to HTML using Mif2Go.

By default Mif2Go retains these image sizes so many of the graphics are
unreadable in the finished HTML.

To resolve this, I set the following statement in the mif2htm.ini file:


In the past (using FM7.1), this setting reverted the graphics back to their
original DPI setting and undid any FM editing as well (such as rotation).

Now, I am using FM8.0 and the above statement does not appear to work any

Looking at the Mif2Go user guide, it says:
Image size
Screen captures might be unreadable with "out-of-the-box" options. By
default, Mif2Go retains the image size specified in your FrameMaker
document. However, when you "Save as" HTML, FrameMaker produces the graphics
unscaled. To do the same with Mif2Go, set the following option:

GraphScale = No

This setting determines whether Mif2Go writes width and height attributes;
when GraphScale=No those attributes are omitted from HTML output.

This should have the same effect as the previous statement so I am wondering
if there is something I am not taking into consideration or if this might be
another FM8.0 issue.

As an aside, I cannot test this as I am no longer on site and only have
FM7.1 at home (I do have a copy of the mif2htm.ini file though). I am just
trying to be of assistance to a previous manager so any help would be
greatly appreciated.


Bruce Ashley

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