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>This is probably really simple, but I need some help making a PDF bookmark 
>go to a specific page in another PDF document.  I have tried all of the 
>actions available in the Bookmark Properties area and none of them  do 
>what I want.  Will I have to write a Javascript to do this?

I assume that the question relates to adding a cross-file bookmark in the 
PDF file, in Acrobat. In the bookmark properties, Actions, select the "Go 
to a page view" action, and click Add. A dialog box titled "Create Go to 
View" will be displayed. Open the target PDF file at the required location 
(using any method you prefer in Acrobat:  File > Open, Window, activating 
links in the current PDF etc.), then click the Set Link button in the 
"Create Go to View" dialog box.

The relative path from the current PDF to the target PDF is registered in 
the bookmark action.

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