Because it keeps stopping at the same place, Rick's suggestion that
the page probably has some content on it that's causing your problem
is probably right on. Look at the page and see if there are any
imported graphics, unresolved cross refs.... anything that is not
quite right.

Unless you're on a really underpowered machine without enough temp
space to create working files, FM isn't anywhere near maxxed out....

It'd be helpful if you'd basic trouble shooting info such as your OS,
version of Frame, version of Acrobat, and any network info that may


On Wed, May 7, 2008 at 3:54 PM, Rick Quatro <frameexpert at> wrote:
> Hi Heidi,
>  I doubt if it is maxed out. What is the text of the error you get in the
>  Distiller error log?
>  Rick Quatro
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>  Hello Framers,
>  I have a book that consist of close to 500 files. The total page count is
>  shy of 900.
>  The problem: I cannot print a .pdf. I've created mifs to correct the issue
>  in a given file and it worked, but then a few files down it did it on
>  another file. I mifed ALL the files, tried to print to PDF again and now it
>  stopping on one particular page. I've mifed it, I've saved the content in a
>  new file container, blah blah. It won't go budge!
>  Is it possible this book, with umpteen xrefs to other files in the book is
>  just maxed out?
>  Any insight is much appreciated!
>  Heidi
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