Hi All,

I'm running FM8.0p273 on WinXP.  I have a couple of Thai documents that 
were created with an AngsanaUPC font.  In Frame 7, they show up fine and 
can be manipulated, printed, etc.  In Frame 8, the characters turn to 
garbage.  This happens on my laptop as well as another machine.  I've 
tried reapplying the font and changing it to Angsana New, but nothing 
works.  I took an old laptop and loaded Frame 7 onto it, and the Thai 
documents open fine.  Has anyone else seen this problem in Frame 8 or know 
how to fix it?
(I'm on digest, so please apply directly.  I'll post to the list if a fix 
is found.)

Susan A. Corcoran
Honeywell Imaging and Mobility
Susan.Corcoran at Handheld.com

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