You need to use version control software like CVS or subversion. Then
you submit all source files to a network directory visible to all Tech
Writers. Then each TW has to checkout the file in order to work on it
and check it back in when finished. All you have to do is look in the
version control software and it displays who the doc is checked out to. 


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Hey I'm full of questions today!

The question du jour (du minute?) is about document control.  Does
anyone have any advice they'd like to share about developing a system
for keeping track of who is currently working on a document, who has
worked on a document, and who has made what changes?

What I've done in the past (with Word) is have people put their
initials at the end of the file name so we could all see at a glance
who was currently working on the document.  At my current job, we have
a Project file to keep track of who is working on what.  Our
engineering staff uses some kind of card that people initial when the
document changes hands, so that's an option also.

But none of these solutions really speaks to the drafting stage, where
the document changes hands quite a lot before it is ready to be

Anyhow, I was hoping one or more of you might have suggestions.



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