Thank you. Yes, this answers my question. I will forward this to the
Canon printers/photocopiers agent.

Also thanks to Mike Wickham. It is a Xerox Phaser 7300DT we are replacing.
Ricoh/Nashuatec/Gestetner/Rex Rotary/Infotec and some of Lanier are
all the same thing, all owned by Ricoh Group, IIRC.

Best regards,


On Wed, May 7, 2008 at 4:09 PM, Dov Isaacs <isaacs at> wrote:
> Bodvar,
>  You are NOT being given very accurate information from your so-called
>  agent.
>  First of all, Adobe has not provided its own PostScript driver since
>  Windows NT 4 and Windows'98 days. Since then (i.e., for Windows 2000,
>  Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server, Windows Vista, and Windows 2008 Server),
>  the driver distributed by Microsoft with Windows, the PSCRIPT5.DLL driver,
>  is the driver that was developed by a collaboration of Adobe with Microsoft
>  and now maintained by Microsoft. Virtually all Adobe's OEMs package up
>  this driver along with some added-value "plug-ins" along their products.
>  (Providers of CloneScript devices often do likewise, although many of them
>  distribute a fairly unreliable PostScript driver sourced from other
>  companies - a separate discussion.)
>  There are a good number of printers available with Adobe PostScript 3. They
>  are available from Xerox, OKI, Ricoh, Xant?, Dell, Fuji Xerox, and others.
>  Some high end printer vendors sell their print engines with EFI RIPs or
>  Spire RIPs that all use Adobe PostScript 3.
>  The availability of these printers has nothing to do with drivers. A fully
>  functional PostScript driver is delivered by Microsoft with every copy of
>  Windows.
>  (Note that the "Adobe Universal PostScript Driver Installer" available on
>  Adobe's website has not been updated since the days of Windows 2000. For
>  Windows 2000 and later, all it does is use the system's own PostScript driver
>  and associates it with a user designated PPD file, similar to how the 
> built-in
>  Windows "Add Printer Wizard" works. This installer is a 16-bit installer and
>  does not work properly with Windows Vista nor with any 64-bit Windows 
> version.)
>  Does that answer your question?!?
>         - Dov
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>  > We are in the process of updating our PostScript color printer. Only a
>  > few seem to be offering true Adobe PS3 printers, but one of the agents
>  > (with a brand that seems to offer either one of true Adobe PS3 or a
>  > PS3 emulator) says that Adobe no longer provides drivers, only
>  > licenses for third parties to make those, resulting in diminishing
>  > offers of printers with the "Adobe PS3" logo.
>  >
>  > Can anyone on the list confirm this or explain this? (Dov? Shlomo?)
>  >
>  > Thank you,
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