Finally the Trados support was willing to check my
argumentation. They found a Trados hotfix for apostrophes,
which fixes also my problem with the incorrect encoding
of umlauts.
In the knowledge base search for these words:
apostrophes grave accent 1603

Thanks also to Diane Gaskill for her support.

Best regards


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> Subject: Trados support of FrameMaker 8
> Hi,
> I sent some files to our translation agency who is
> working with Trados, latest version with latest service
> pack (which supports FrameMaker 8). When I got the
> translated files back, I noticed that text which had a
> condition applied and which was hidden (so that it
> shouldn't get translated) was changed. All umlauts were
> deleted. After some e-mails to our translation agency
> (who forwarded them to their Trados support) and to the
> German FrameUser mailing list (thanks specifically to
> Michael M?ller-Hillebrand!) my point of view is the
> following:
> o Text in MIF files of FrameMaker 8 in the string
>   statement must be encoded in Unicode (UTF-8).
>   This info is also in the MIF reference.
> o Text in MIF files after export from Trados via the
>   S-Tagger is encoded in ANSI, at least text which has
>   a condition applied and is hidden.
> I confirmed that by the following:
> 1 Changed the file name extension of the MIF file which
>   was created by FrameMaker and of the MIF which was created
>   by Trados to txt.
> 2 Opened that txt file with Word. Word shows a dialog box to
>   select the encoding. I selected Unicode (UTF-8).
> 3 When I searched for text with umlaut, the FrameMaker MIF
>   file had the correct umlauts. In the Trados MIF file they
>   were deleted. However, the umlauts in the Trados MIF file
>   are present, when I select Windows Standard (which is ANSI).
> However, the Trados support still says that the umlauts were
> present after opening the Trados MIF files with NotePad++.
> Therefore the MIF file were OK and it were a FrameMaker fault.
> Can anyone either confirm the Trados or my point of view?
> May text in MIF strings be encoded only in UTF-8 or also in
> Thanks a lot for your help
> Winfried

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