A way better suggestion than mine ... thanks!


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> Subject: Re: Copy of Framescript by Rick Quattro for sale ?
> I think rather than putting it into the public domain, perhaps an
> on-demand publisher such as lulu.com may be a better solution, both
> for Rick and the community....
> Art
> On Thu, May 8, 2008 at 1:22 PM,  <Syed.Hosain at aeris.net> wrote:
> > Okay, my apologies, folks ...
> >
> >  Based on an e-mail I received (for a source of the PDF version of
Rick's book), I went looking and
> realized that my PDF copy is because I bought the book a while back
from Scriptorium, and the PDF is
> on the CD that came with the book.
> >
> >  I also note that Scriptorium has it marked as "Out Of Print" too:
> >
> >  Rick (since you are on this list), would you consider putting this
version of the book (i.e., the
> PDF file) into the public domain for people to use, since your new
book is in the works? Or, so you
> have another source for the book?

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