Deirdre Reagan wrote:

> Yes, some of the chapters do use the same master pages.  I will learn
> how to do import next!

Yes, learn about importing formats -- and quickly! :-) To get the most
out of FrameMaker -- both in terms of good results and in terms of
labor-saving and efficiency -- you have to use it properly, and that
means using well-defined, consistent templates/formats for everything.

With rare exceptions, _all_ the chapter files should use the same master
pages. Non-chapter files (like front-matter, TOC, index, etc.) may need
their own special master pages, but the "body" of the book should have
the same page layouts throughout. Generally, that means 3 basic master
pages -- Left, Right, and First. You may need more for special purposes
(like rotated landscape pages), but it's best to keep things as simple
as possible. 

The chapter files should also all use the same paragraph, character,
table, and cross-reference formats. The only reasonable way make
everything consistent is by importing formats from the chapter in which
they're _right_ (which becomes your template) to all the other chapter

If you don't consistently apply the same formats across chapters, you
might as well use Word. :-}

That said, I agree with Fred Ridder. Avoid using x-refs on master pages.
Use variables for things like doc titles, company names, product names,
and release numbers -- not x-refs to typed-in instances of them. That's
what variables are for. 



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