Apart from getting the author to reduce the title to some reasonable length, 
the only way I can see to handle this is to use conditional text to hide the 
fragments that should not appear in the LOF.  The LOF will be set to HIDE the 
"don't include" text and all the chapters will show it.

This will trigger warnings when you update or print the files, but you actually 
want the condition settings to be different for the LOF file, so you may safely 
ignore the messages.

On Tuesday, May 13, 2008 10:09 AM, Brenda Waltermeyer wrote:

| I have a document that has very long Figure Titles, but the author only
| wants part of the title in the List of Figures when it is generated. Is
| there a way to do this so I don?t have to do it manually every time I
| generate the list.
| For Example:
| Example of Clutter Doppler Spectrum Computed from Original Lipa and
| Barrick Code for a SWH of 6 ft from 35 Relative to the Radar Look
| Direction, Showing that the Positive Doppler Peak Due to First-Order
| Bragg Scattering is Larger in Amplitudes than the Negative Peak Due
| to Increased Wave Amplitudes Propagating Towards the Radar
| What should appear in the List of Figures: (as you can see deleted
| text is not continuous in the title)
| Example of Clutter Doppler Spectrum (deleted text) for a SWH of 6 ft
| from 35 Relative to the Radar Look Direction (deleted text)
| Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
| Thanks
| Brenda

- Lester 
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