No two API docs are exactly the same, but usually they're pretty simple. It 
helps if you've done a little programming or scripting. Here are a couple sites 
to get you going:

Hope this helps,

Sean Pollock

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> Subject: API documentation with references to Javadocs documentation> Date: 
> Tue, 13 May 2008 10:46:53 -0400> > Hi:> I have a JavaDocs reference. My 
> client has asked me to write an API > document in Frame with references to 
> the JavaDocs documentation. The > goal of the document is to provide further 
> explanation and examples > along with a context for usage beyond what is 
> provided in the > JavaDocs. In addition, the client wants to provide 
> documentation on > how to use Web Services instead of a Java object.> > I've 
> been a tech writer for a long time, but I'm in new territory > here. I'm 
> wondering if there is a standard way to approach this (or > if we are 
> covering new ground). Can anyone point me to resources to > get me started.> 
> > One thing I'm having trouble with is deciding how much JavaDocs > 
> information I should include in the Frame reference and how much I > should 
> simply provide links or references to. If anyone has any ideas > on how I can 
> started, I would greatly appreciate it.> > Thanks,> Ron> > Ron Miller> 
> Freelance Technical Writing Since 1988> > email: ronsmiller at 
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