Hi Richard,

Thanks for the workarounds.

> You can use Google. Enter "<search string> site:frameusers.com" (sans
> quotes). Or you can browse the archives (by thread, subject,  
> author, or
> date) at: http://lists.frameusers.com/pipermail/framers/

FWIW, I downloaded the archives to my Mac and searched them en masse  
using TextWrangler, a text editor.

> That said, a Google search for "framemaker update site:frameusers.com"
> turned up some posts about the 8.0.1 update, but nothing about the  
> issue
> you mentioned. Maybe browsing the archives around the date of those
> posts will turn up something.

Crazy really, it was only yesterday, but I cannot for the life of me  
remember the term I used to find that info. Tried 8.0.2, update,  
downloading, manually, updater...

Still, it would be great to get "proper" searchable archives back  
online. Yahoo Groups work well. Incidentally, when I set up my first  
list using LISTSERV, I hacked together a Perl script to search the  
list archives. I was really pleased with myself when I worked out how  
to highlight the search term in red in the results :-)


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