The shortcuts apply to the Symbol character set and not the Standard Windows 
character set. Changing your font or creating a symbol character format solve 
that part of your difficulties.

Also, the keystroke sequence seems to be off slightly. Instead of Ctrl+q+3, you 
should type Ctrl+q 3, that is, press Ctrl and q at the same time, release the 
keys, then press 3.

B a r u c h   B r o d e r s e n

T e c h n i t e x t   D o c u m e n t a t i o n   I n c


You wrote:

I am trying to insert the following special characters using FrameMaker 7.2.

I have tried the FrameMaker character sets PDF provided by Microtype for 
FrameMaker 7.2 and also the character sets listed for FrameMaker 8 on the 
FrameMaker resources website. 

But they appear as the wrong symbols.  

*     ? (greater than or equal to) Ctrl + q + 3 or ANSI 0179

*     ? (not equal to) Ctrl + q + 9 or ANSI 0185

*     ? (less than or equal to) Ctrl + q + # or ANSI 0163 (according to 
microtype) ANSI 0162 According to FrameMaker 8 manual

Any suggestions?

David Kuhn

Technical Writer, PBG

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