When I first heard of TemplateMapper, I wondered if this could be used
to help convert from Word to FrameMaker.
Then I saw some postings on the list that confirmed that some people do
use it for this.

Now that I have TemplateMapper, I cannot figure out how it is helpful
for this. 
If you Import a Word document, selecting Copy into Document, then all
the paragraph tags (except headings and captions) become *BodyText with
no distinction between bullets or numbers, for example.

Other issues:
*       It doesn't look like the TemplateMapper can help with the
cross-references because, for instance, there's no way to distinguish
between the cross-reference types. 

*       Because our notes are in tables, it doesn't look like there is
any way around redoing them all manually.

*       It doesn't actually convert the tables. I need to go over them
with TableCleaner.

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