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> My client is intending to convert a number of publications from
Publisher to Frame. She is thinking
> that the firm will have to cut in Publisher, paste into Frame, and
reformat. Is there an easier way?

I have seen a few response suggest trying RTF output from Publisher.
Unfortunately, this does *not* work. Publisher (even in Office 2007)
simply does not create good RTF output (only text is output ...
graphics, tables, etc., all disappear). FrameMaker has *no* chance of
getting it right from that RTF - nor does Word 2007 for that matter!

What has come even remotely close for me, but still needs a *lot* of
cleanup, is:

        1. Print the Publisher document as a PDF file (I use Adobe
Acrobat Pro ...)
        2. Use PDFConvertor Pro (version 4 works better than before) to
bring that PDF file into Word - reasonable semblance of the original.
        3. Save the Word file as an RTF.
        4. Import the RTf into FrameMaker, keeping your fingers crossed.

Warning: this above is not perfect ... lots of cleanup is still needed.
If the Publisher document is remotely complicated (lots of graphics or
pictures, clipart, etc.), the result is still quite poor.

BTW, Word cannot read Publisher files directly. Pathetic ...


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