Dear all,

I have a very strange situation with my two installations FM 8.0.2 en on 
Windows XP SP2 with all autmatic update:

A - on the workstation everything works as expected
B - on the laptop when opening a file whose pictures can not be found,
    and activating "ignore this/all missing files" nothing happens.
    I can only close the dialog and go back to the workstation to handle
    this file.

I have not found any difference in the installed files. On both machines FM 
is installed in H:\Adobe\framemaker.8en. To be sure that both are same, i 
have copied the WS files to the laptop => no pos. effect.

Of course I have deleted the Document&Setting entries before starting FM to 
build them anew.

There may be a difference in the registry however - have not checked this 

Does anyone have a clue where this behaviour may come from?

Best regards
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