I am seeing the same errors, except that I print to PS using "Adobe PDF" and
then distill to PDF.   Headings, headers, and footers are sometimes munged,
but only during the first few pages of the file. the errors show up on the
screen as well as in print.

First, I'm going to update FM to 8.03 and then reprint to PS and distill.

I'm going to change the font and see if that fixes the problem. All of the
munged items use Tahoma. I'll also try changing the job options settings,
like embedding the fonts and see if that changes anything.

Meanwhile, if any of you know a fix or a workaround for this, I'd appreciate
it if you would post iot to the list.


Diane Gaskill

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Erin Huff wrote:

> I have found a problem with exporting a FM8 book to PDF.
> When I export/save as PDF and then open the file in Acrobat I will
> find that some of my information (Headers, table rows, variables,
> are missing from my PDF, even though they are present in the FM8 file.
> I always update and save the book and all included files before
> I have tried exporting to PDF every single way I can from FM and it
> not export all the information.
> I have the latest updates for FM8.
> Am using Distiller 7.0 and Acrobat Professional 7.0
> The last time I tried to PDF I spend over thirty minutes trying to PDF
> finally had to have a coworker PDF for me.
> Does anyone know of a way to solve this?

Is your coworker successfully creating PDFs from the books that give you
trouble? Then you need to analyze what the differences are between your
setup and your coworker's.

Are there any errors recorded in the log files?

It could be a font problem. Go to Distiller's Adobe PDF Settings dialog,
Fonts page, and make sure that it's set to embed fonts. And set When
embedding fails to Cancel job. That way, if it's a missing (or
unembeddable) font, at least you'll know. :-)


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