Dear all,

After finding a note from my first FM8 experience last fall about this issue, 
sorry to present this issue again:

FM 8.0.2 on XP SP2, 1GB RAM, plenty of disk space on both machines.

A - on the workstation everything works as expected
B - on the laptop when opening a file whose pictures can not be found,
    and activating "ignore this/all missing files" nothing happens.
    I can only close the dialog and go back to the workstation to handle
    this file.

The FM files in question can be on a hard-disk, on an USB stick or an USB-disk 
- this 
does not matter. The images were on the same drive as the fm files, hence the 
found in the (binary) files are relative.

The files are FM7, hence prior to the 'missing graphics' message I get the 
about changing version.

On the laptop I now have removed Acrobat stuff and FrameMaker 8 and then 
Acrobat 8 and FrameMaker 8, 8.0.1, 8.0.2 => no positive result.

Converting the files on the workstation to FM8 then transfer to the laptop and 
them with FM8 => does not help either (problem originally occurred with FM 8 

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