GolehTek, LLC is pleased to announce the release of GlossBase Personal  
Edition, a freely-available application that greatly enhances the  
glossary features of Adobe FrameMaker.

GlossBase allows you to define glossary terms using an unlimited  
number of paragraphs, tables, graphics, and equations. GlossBase  
encodes terms and definitions in XML and stores them in a database.

When you  are ready to generate a glossary for a FrameMaker book,  
GlossBase compares every word combination from your FrameMaker  
chapters against the database and automatically builds a glossary of  
relevant terms.

If you are using WebWorks ePublisher Pro, GlossBase can also insert  
the markers and apply the character formats necessary for glossary  
definitions to automatically appear in a pop-up window in the on-line  

GlossBase is compatible with FrameMaker versions 7.x and above.  
GlossBase also requires FrameScript version 4.1 or later.

GlossBase is available for download from the Free Scripts section of  
the GolehTek web site at http://www.golehtek.com.

Best regards,


Martin R. Smith
GolehTek, LLC

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