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FM      8.0p273
Windows XP (running on parallels on a Mac)

I am fast approaching the end of my tether working with conditional  

FM won't let me make some segments of text unconditional. In fact,  
when I try to remove the conditional tag, the text turns bright green  
with a strikethrough effect. What's more... when I try again, it's now  
bright red with a strikethrough effect. And, (hullo, what's this?) now  
it's bright red with a strikethrough effect and a change bar.

All three conditions in the document are set to Style: As Is, and  
three different colors (green, olive, and magenta).

I cannot make this text unconditional.  Selecting (or deselecting)  
Special > Conditional Text > Show Conditional Text at the document  
level or the book level affects all of the conditionally tagged  
paragraphs except for these red, struck through, paragraphs.

What's going on? Is it FM telling me that I'm doing something very  
wrong? I've looked at the FM documentation, and it's giving me  
nothing. Does anyone have any idea what might be happening here?

Update: I also cannot copy and paste any of the affected text. If I  
select it, ctrl+c and then ctrl+v somewhere else, it won't paste.  
Although I can Edit > Undo Paste. Go figure. Is it possible that these  
segments of text have, through some action or combination of actions,  
become hopelessly corrupted? Is that even possible?


Jona Steenbrink

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